European Aftersales Roadmap 2017

European Aftersales RoadmapThe connected car is finally coming of age in the era of digitalisation. Many of us are already driving cars equipped with more than 40 microprocessors, and 250 sensors and cameras generating about 300 megabytes of vehicle and personal data per second – related to safety, wear and tear, defects, infotainment and navigation. About 88% of this data is currently unused. Imagine you wanted to cross a street, but only had 12% visibility. Would you cross it? Probably not. But today most OEMs are doing just that – making business critical decisions without full access to quality data.

What does that all mean for the future of aftersales? We endeavour to answer that question in our latest report, covering topics from contacting the customer to how advanced vehicle technology will alter servicing. Download your complimentary copy here to be informed about the future of the aftersales market in the digital age.

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