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The dealership of the future
An Auto Retail Network Conference in association with MotoNovo Finance

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"Treat me like you know me"

So says Simon Thompson, global head of digital commerce at HSBC in his presentation at our 2017 Dealership of the Future Conference. Simon believes it is impossible for you to know enough about your customers, but that you should use what you do know to its full effect. He will demonstrate how HSBC is using digital data, third party partnerships and digital channel capabilities to establish a real-time dialogue with customers via their mobile phone. We will examine how that same technology can be used by auto retailers in an environment where customers are increasingly side-stepping the showroom in favour of online research.

This one presentation alone is worth the price of a ticket, but is not the whole picture. Simon will be joined by a panel of speakers from auto retail and beyond, all using new technology in innovative ways. Learn from them how to improve the customer experience and maintain meaningful relationships with a generation of customers who prefer mobile phones to face-to-face interaction.

Date: Wednesday 29th November 2017, 8.45am to 2.30pm
Venue: The Jaguar Experience, Birmingham B35 7RA

To book your place click here or call Ros on 01572 724 687

The Dealership of the Future Conference will also host a selected number of exhibitors who will be showcasing their technology solutions for auto retail in areas including product animation, visual reality, app development, brand engagement and digital marketing. Delegates will have the opportunity to play with these new technologies and talk to their creators about the benefits to their own businesses.

In an event totally focussed on the improvement of sales and profitability in auto retail through the use of technology, our conference includes:

• An address by Phil Morgan of MotoNovo Finance, who left to develop MotoNovo’s new online platform,
• Harry Bott of MediaHawk presenting the findings of the Auto Retail Network Website Report 2018.
• Expertise in data integration within your business to manage and maintain excellent relations with current and new customers
• An examination of new technologies and processes in retail
• A look at what can be learned from retail businesses outside the auto industry
• An opportunity for delegates to ask questions of their own in panel Q&A sessions.

Confirmed Speakers

• Phil Morgan, head of, MotoNovo Finance • Harry Bott, director, Mediahawk • Karl Griffin, head of commercial, Equiniti Data • Andy Wise, Engine Creative • Dominic Lusardi, Animmersion • Stuart Cupit, CTO and cofounder, INITION • Simon Thompson, global head of digital commerce, HSBC


The Agenda

08.45 - 09.30: Registration and exhibition area open

09.30 - 09.40: Welcome
Al Clarke, conference chairman

09.40 - 09.55: Sponsor’s welcome
Phil Morgan, head of, MotoNovo Finance

09.55 - 10.20: Website Report 2018, presentation of key findings
Harry Bott, director, Mediahawk

10.20 - 10.35: Report Q&A
Moderator, Al Clarke

10.35 - 10.50: Refreshment break in the exhibition area

10.50 - 11.15: Keynote presentation: Treat me like you know me.
If you are going to build a personal and relevant relationship with your customers, it is impossible to know enough about them. A demonstration of how HSBC is starting to use digital data + third party partnerships + digital channel capabilities to move from a reactive in branch interaction to a proactive, real time dialogue via the thing that never leaves the customers side, their mobile phone. Time will also be set aside for a question and answer session.
Simon Thompson, global head of digital commerce, HSBC

11.15 - 11.40: Put data in the driving seat.
On the forecourt, you can use intuition to size up the lucrative customers before the pitch. What if you could use the power of data insights to locate and bring those customers directly to you, on-mass? The story of the data/sales revolution only just begins there – It isn’t just for conquest, it’s your essential tool for managing customer lifetime relationships. Hear about how data is accelerating the traditional sales model on an industrial scale.
Karl Griffin, head of commercial, Equiniti Data

11.40 - 12.15: New technologies and processes – what’s coming to your retail store tomorrow?
Panel session: Andy Wise, owner & director, Engine Creative, Dominic Lusardi, managing director, Animmersion, Stuart Cupit, CTO and cofounder, INITION

12.15 - 12.40: Keynote presentation
Our view of today, and tomorrow – where are we now – where do we need to be?

12.40-13.00: Event Q&A
Moderator, Al Clarke

13.00 -14.30: Networking lunch & refreshments in the exhibition area. Guests presented with copies of the Website Report 2018 on departure.


Exhibitors include:

Equiniti data who will be demonstrating an overview of how they undertake conquest campaigns and an insight into their process for data enhancement and cleansing. They will also advise on dynamic video within email and about how the new GDPR regulations can be used to create a Single Customer View database structure, which opens up marketers to a world of new possibilities with their data.

Engine Creative. With huge investment in AR (augmented reality) by all of the major tech players including Apple, Google and Facebook, it is clear that AR is set to disrupt the automotive sector and transform the way customers search, configure and purchase.

As the UK’s leading AR agency, Engine Creative has been pushing the possibilities of AR since 2011, and early adoption has given them insights that no other UK creative agency can provide. The award winning agency has created pioneering AR content experiences for the biggest brands in the world including Tesco, Honeywell and Delphi and will share insights on how ‘new reality experiences’ (AR, VR, MXR) could be used within the automotive retail environment and the range of opportunities it can offer retailers.

Animmersion design and develop a range of engaging interactive digital experiences delivered on a variety of innovative display devices.  From dashboards to apps and animations, content is developed to showcase products and services, explain complicated processes and the educate the viewer in an interactive and visually engaging manner.

We work with organisations to help them engage and explain their story and journey using informative and engaging technology.
Our wide range of interactive and forward thinking technology is applicable in many guises, including:
• Interactive maps • Animations to explain and showcase the workings of a factory floor, process and or a complex machine • Holographic Displays • Virtual Reality – Used to create real life training in hazardous environments as one example • Augmented Reality • App development

INITION are a multidisciplinary production company specialising in producing installation-based experiences that harness emerging technologies with creative rigour.

With a track record spanning over 13 years and hundreds of installations in both the UK and abroad, they are known for leveraging new technologies for creative communications well before they hit the mainstream; they have been augmenting reality since 2006, printing in 3D since 2005, and creating virtual realities since 2001. They will show some of the following examples of their work:
• Augmented Reality - to show off the new Audi A1 • BP Augmented Reality - an iPad based AR to show vehicles and engines) • Jaguar Land Rover – virtual reality car interior with customisable features • Toyota – proof of concept piece to show a full-size Land Cruiser, with customisable paint options

Technology Valley are specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing and Chatbots.

We develop AI solutions for a range of industries including E-commerce, Retail, Finance, Charity, Food and Beverages, Hospitality, Travel, Airline and Event Organization. Our focus is on using Artificial Intelligence to improve business processes, drive efficiencies and enable new opportunities for our clients.

Here is an example of AI project that we have developed for the elections in the Netherlands in March 2017. We created one of the first sentiment analysis tools for the Dutch language and used it to analyze the public opinion about political parties, leaders and important topics based on the millions of comments in the social networks.

We also run one of the biggest websites on Machine Learning and AI ( that is followed by some of the best experts in the field.


Conference rates & booking

ARN publication subscriber rate - £265 + VAT

Non-ARN publication subscriber rate - £400 + VAT

To book your place click here or call Ros on 01572 724 687.

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About the Speakers


Simon Thompson

 Simon Thompson, global head of digital commerce, HSBC PLC & non-executive director of Royal Mail PLC. He joined HSBC in February 2015, charged with driving a cross-functional behaviour change to digital ways of working that will result in positive commercial outcomes for customers, colleagues and shareholders. Previously, as Managing Director for Wm Morrison Supermarkets he set up an on-line grocery delivery service in the UK from scratch, and enjoyed his time as Worldwide Customer Experience and Strategy Director for Apple’s online business, following several years as its General Manager in EMEA and India. His experience, which includes serving as European Managing Director of and in senior roles at Motorola and Honda, covers many product categories and consumer groups. Formally educated in computer science, Mr. Thompson has progressed his career from a singular technical discipline to senior leadership roles with a focus on business model transformation, innovation, and digital transformation.


Karl Griffin

Karl Griffin, head of commercial, Equiniti Data. Karl has extensive expertise in using data to drive new business and leveraging market insights across business and consumer audiences. Karl has extensive experience in positioning complex financial sector solutions to a mass market, by letting data do the heavy lifting and freeing up sales teams to work on what’s important- the lucrative opportunities that come from great data insights.


Dominic Lusardi

Dominic Lusardi, managing director, Animmersion. Dominic is one of the founders and managing director of Animmersion, he is an entrepreneur and thought leader on the application of digital technology who has been working in digital media and visualisation for 21 years. Dominic’s experience ranges from business planning and strategy to development of Animations and Multimedia, holograms and VR, working with partners around the world. He has worked with clients in many sectors including healthcare, construction, engineering, offshore and energy as well as delivering projects in industrial, retail, automotive, advertising and medical sectors.

Andy Wise

Andy Wise,  new business director and owner, Engine Creative. With a wealth of experience in helping brands to tap into the opportunities that AR (augmented reality) provides, Andy is focused on working with businesses to help them solve their brand challenges through ‘new reality technology’ (AR, VR and MXR). The team at Engine Creative are currently working on implementing AR solutions across a range of sectors including retail, automotive and construction and have an unrivalled track record of working with brands such as the BBC, Tesco and Honeywell which has helped to cement their position as the UK’s leading AR agency.


Al ClarkeAl Clarke, director, Fair Play Consulting. Since 2009 Al has been an advisor in the automotive sector providing the extra ‘head-space’ for leaders to develop strategic thinking whilst they are busy managing successful businesses. He is an experienced marketing director and has held senior executive roles in the automotive industry with Ferrari, Maserati and the SMMT. He has a particular interest in the application of digital technology and connected car services in the automotive industry and regularly speaks at, and chairs events on, these issues. In 2015 he was invited to chair the Ennis & Co Advisory Board and is also our chairman for this conference.


Harry BottHarry Bott, director, Media Hawk. Harry’s expertise is helping his automotive customers understand how their sales teams are performing with the leads generated by their marketing. Harry has significant experience in showing how to link actual enquiries through to a sale which can then give an empirical cost per lead and cost per sale.


Phil MorganPhilip Morgan, head of, MotoNovo Finance. Philip joined market-leading car finance and loan company MotoNovo Finance in January 2017 as Head of; the provider’s latest venture into the car selling and buying market. Not only does Philip bring the expertise of managing the implementation of a large tech platform but also a wealth of experience in bringing a brand into the mainstream via a large-scale above the line campaign. The easy-to-use website will provide finance and cars all in one place, therefore putting the ‘feel good factor’ back into the car buying journey. Philip has been responsible for overseeing the development of the platform, using his expertise to pull together the necessary elements for the site which is due to launch in 2018.


Stuart Cupit

Stuart Cupit, CTO and cofounder, INITION. INITION is an experiential production company specialising in the latest technologies. With over 25 years’ experience working in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, realtime interactive 3D graphics, across a wide range of industries. As CTO of INITION Stuart is involved with all aspects of the company’s experiential production team, business development and evangelising emerging technologies. With a keen personal interest in computer graphics, and the maker, tinker, hacker community, the merging of traditional craft and the latest digital production techniques.



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