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An introduction to GDPR - an ARN Live Webinar

New regulations with a massive impact on YOUR business

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The General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, come into force in just 12 months’ time.

What impact will this comprehensive shake-up of the legislation have on your business?

  • How would vehicle sales be affected if you could not contact potential customers to let them know about special deals and promotions?
  • How would your service business be affected if you were no longer able to send reminders to customers?
  • What is the administrative burden of the new requirements for storage and maintenance of customer data held by your business?
  • And what about the effect on the bottom line of a fine of up to £15m, or 4% of revenue (whichever is the greater) for non-compliance?

To ensure ‘business as usual’, you need to take steps now to ensure that your business is compliant come May 2018.

The first of these steps is to tune in to our Introduction to GDPR live broadcast. In it, Al Clarke will be talking to Stewart Niblock, CEO of Autotorq, one of Europe’s leading providers of digital marketing for the automotive industry, and Iain Larkins, founder and director of Radius Law and an expert in the new regulations. Together they will:

  • Explore what GDPR actually is
  • Examine the timeline for implementation and highlight major milestones
  • Consider the penalties of breaching the new laws
  • Discuss which departments in the business are impacted

Future broadcasts will look at separate elements of the regulations in more detail and will be accompanied by regular exclusive content in our publications Auto Retail Bulletin and Auto Retail Profit.

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