Why trust and transparency still brings in the business

There is no magic bullet to outperforming current sluggish market conditions but getting the basics right still counts when it comes to consumers choosing their preferred markets.

Those who saw Auto Retail Network’s recent Q4 Targets Briefing, will have heard Auto Trader’s Karolina Edwards-Smajda talk about the importance of retailers “doing the right thing” and how this will win consumer’s trust - and business.

She explained best practice is needed in a market where consumers are often confused by many aspects of the car buying process. And given the amount of negative coverage about diesel and car financing, who can blame them?

“Consumers want to know the pricing is right and that they can be confident about part exchanging. There needs to be trust in your brand how you are perceived,” she said.

Retailers should also always remember that many customers research online and positive experiences can be translated into valuable reviews.

John McGuire, chairman of Phoenix Car Company, said customers want to buy from those they trust and there are a lot of cases where people have suffered at the hands of opportunistic individuals selling on the private market or been stung by spivvy independents.

While used cars may appear more expensive when purchased from a franchised dealer, there is often no comparison in terms of the servicing quality and the warranty offered.

Meanwhile Daksh Gupta, chief executive of Marshall Motor Group, said transparent explanations on how PCPs work could do much to dispel the current “demonisation” of these products. “If you see the PCP through to the end of its term, you won’t end up in negative equity,” he said.  But, people also need to understand that excess mileage and damage could result in a bill, so straightforward explanations are vital.

Clear communication, a trustworthy approach to business and quality ongoing service may not be rocket science but these core tenets hold value more than ever when people make their big purchases.


Rachel Gordon
Auto Retail Network

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