You can do it – Q3’s targets are within reach

It’s fortunate retailers are a resilient bunch. The media is swamped with stories of negativity from the ban on petrol and diesel cars in 2040, to a purported fall-out from PCP deals to the impact across the UK economy from Brexit.

Spend too much time reading all this and no one could be blamed for thinking the future is bleak.

But are things really so bad? Check out our latest Q3 Targets Briefing where three people who are really in the know have a very different story – and plenty of timely advice to improve your business.

These include making sure your digital forecourt is a sight to behold and how to encouraging happy customers to leave reviews. Now is the time to prepare for greater demand in used cars and making sure your sales people are ready to go the extra mile – personal service matters more than ever.

There are still challenges ahead – markets are always cyclical and we are coming down from a high. But the signs are that manufacturers want to work with retailers in a sensible way and that means setting targets that are realistic.

Quality used stock, responsive pricing and providing a great customer experience are part and parcel of a successful dealership and will be around much longer than the current spate of doom and gloom.


Rachel Gordon


Auto Retail Agenda

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